A Cotswold Year - Charting the seasons in the South Cotswolds

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Feed the Birds

With the temperature dropping the bird-feeders are very busy in our garden. We have at least five different types of tits who call. There is usually a queue for the feeders as the birds wait in the surrounding bushes for their turn. The feeder with black sunflower seeds is much more popular than the peanuts at present.
We found it difficult to photograph the action as there are so many birds coming and going. We finally settled on this one which shows three of the types: Bluetit, Coal Tit & Great Tit. Other regulars are Marsh Tit & the delightful Long Tailed Tits which don't come as often but are usually in family groups when they do!
Other regular visitors to our bird feeding station include: Chaffinch, Robins & Dunnocks who have learned to help themselves to this feeder too; on the nuts the Greater Spotted Woodpecker & Nuthatch. Blackbirds & Thrushes are also feeding on the ground nearby.We are always hopeful of rarer visitors such as a visit last year from a Redpoll.


  1. It must be cold. This is the first picture taken from inside!

  2. It is rather cold today but the birds fly away if you are too close. So easier to take them from inside!

  3. Yes, we have all those birds here our Dursley garden - not far away across the valley . . and also regular visits from Blackcaps and Goldcrests at the moment - & bullfinches of course. Very colourful. I was not sure whether we had Marsh Tits or Willow Tits. They look so similar.

  4. Great to hear about your birds. We had a Goldcrest too yesterday just below the bird table.