A Cotswold Year - Charting the seasons in the South Cotswolds

Thursday 2 February 2012


February 2nd is Candlemas halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox and traditionally a time to celebrate the strengthening power of the Sun with a festival of light. 
It is a beautiful sunny day in the Cotswolds but that is not all good news according to ancient weather lore.
"If Candlemas day is fair and bright Winter will have another fight
If Candlemas day brings cloud and rain Winter will not come again"
says the old rhyme
I am not sure how much to believe these old sayings but they come from centuries of experience and often have some truth and are as good as many met office predictions!


  1. I wonder if that's a relation to the effects of cloud insulation. Especially in winter, it's generally much colder when you have sunny days since you don't have that layer of cloud insulation. you'll want to be staying in a warm Cotswold hotel for the next few weeks in my opinion.

  2. You may be right although it has been mild weather until this week.We are happy in our warm Cotswold cottage thanks.